Thursday, January 3, 2013

Consumer Question: Leaky Dishwasher

Name: Robert

Comments: Hello Mr. Gagnon,
Subject: Leaking Dishwasher, Model # DU840CWDB5, Make: Whirlpool.

I, want to hank you in advance for your assistance.
I, love your Saturday Morning Show.

Question:  Can the Motor and Pump Assembly be replaced on this Dishwasher ?  In your opinion, is this a likely place for a leak to develop ?

Observation:  I, notice the leaking only occurred when the machine was filling with water, when the motor driving the pump started the leaking stopped. I, also noticed what appears to be a water stain on the body of the pump leading to the area where the motor shaft enters the pump.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Hi Robert, thanks for your note and the kind words. The pump and motor can be replaced on most dishwashers. What kind of unit do you have. What you have seen is a sure sign that the seal on the motor shaft is bad and water is leaking down the motor. It can also leak into the motor and when it hits the windings, the motor is shot. Some dishwashers can also have a shaft seal replaced depending the model and make. Your can call my son Mark at 734-953-6991 and he'll look up your model number and advise you. Regards Joe Gagnon. 

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