Thursday, December 20, 2012

Consumer Question: Replacing Dryer Belt

Name: Joe

Comments: Whirlpool gas dryer (drop down door type) drum has stopped.  All other ''sounds' sound normal.  Belt did sort of squeal for a time lately.  I have the skills to repair this as I have heard you on this prior to now; however, I have forgotten the attendant details...Thanks....

Hi Joe, thanks for your note. Sounds like an easy job for you. Remove the lint filter where you will see 2 screws under the trap door. Pop the top up from the front. The top is held in place with 2 clips in the front. Remove the wires from the door switch and make sure the power is turned off first. There may be 2 screws holding the bottom of the front panel or you may just have to tug upward on the front panel and it will come off. Now everything is exposed. Look at the idler pulley which is a common sound of sqeaking when the bearing goes bad. Replace it and make sure the grove side of the belt lays against the drum. Let me know how it goes. Regards Joe Gagnon. 

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