Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Broken Wig-Wag

Name: Robert
City: Canton  M I

Inquery Type: Appliance repair question

Comments: My 20 year old Sears cloth washing machine will not spin the drum when discharging.  It makes a bad noise.  I think it could be the transmission?????

Hi Robert, Nice to hear from you.

You may be correct about the transmission but there is part called the Wig-Wag that is more prone to fail. It's a double solenoid that fits on top of the transmission and puts the unit into agitate or spin. It moves a couple of cam bars which activate the transmission. There is a lot of movement down there and it is very common for a wire to break. You can call my son Mark at 734-953-6991 and he'll talk you through it or come out and fix it.

Regards,  Joe Gagnon. 

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