Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Consumer Question: Safely moving a freezer



Comments:    Hi  joe     W are moving  a deep freezer   just want to know can I put it on its side will it leak oil ? And how long do we let it sit before I plug it in.
Thanks  a lot Joe   

Hi Maurice, thanks for your note.

You can move it in any position as long as you do no damage to any of the tubing. I suggest you move it in the normal position because if not, you may affect the alignment of the lid which will result in a poor door seal. You cannot get an oil leak because this a sealed system. You must let it sit in a normal position for a least 2 hours before you plug it back in. The oil must be sure to migrate back to the bottom of the compressor or you can destroy the compressor.

 Regards,  Joe Gagnon. 

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