Monday, January 7, 2013

Washing Machine Report

Dear Appliance Doctor,

Your recent article in the Observer/Eccentric newspaper was so informative!  We are about to purchase a new washer and dryer but have some serious doubts about their quality.  We have talked to salesmen in stores, and researched each machine online and we are more confused than ever.  The dryers are so large now that we will only have about 2 inches from the wall when the door to the dryer is open!  You have written about the lack of water in the new washers.  That scares me a lot.  I don’t have time to redo laundry that comes out of a washer still dirty.  Also, one of the big things with the new washers is the locking lids! Who’s “not so bright” idea was that?  I hope that my husband will be able to take that lock off the new washer.

Do you recommend any specific washer/dryer?  We are most interested in a Whirlpool top loader since it is made in the USA. Are we better off with a washer with an agitator?  You have helped us in the past at the Home Shows and now we could use your expert help again.

We have a 12 year old Maytag that has never been repaired correctly.  It tears the clothes and leaves black marks on them.  We have a 26 year old GE dryer that has given us great service and I really like it, but when we remodeled our kitchen a couple years ago, we bought all GE appliances and have had nothing but constant repairs on all of them!  So GE is not on our list of laundry appliances.

Thanks so much for reading this!  I hope you continue to write your great column and help us all with your expert advice!


Hi Mary,
Thanks for your note. You are a great writer who says a lot in a short time. Writing for a newspaper does not allow me to use the column as an advertising forum. Yes I do have opinions on who makes the best washer and gives the consumer the best bang for the buck. Go to and hit Joe’s Picks and you will find 2 appliance stores that sell Speed Queen made in Ripon Wisconsin. Look at them and know that they are made the old fashioned way. They also have an agitator and give you control of the water temperature and level. Please let me know how you make out. Regards Joe Gagnon. 

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