Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Consumer Question: Portable Air Conditioner

Hi, Joe,

My husband and I listen to your show. Thanks for all your helpful advice.

We are looking to buy an air conditioner and are looking for a recommendation. We rent and do not have centeral air and our windows are all HUGE left/right sliding, so we need to buy a portable AC unit (14,000BTU for the space we need to cool). While researching, I've noticed several use evaportative cooling with a dual hose system. Is this a better way to cool? Do you have a brand recommendation? We have been looking at a Soleus LX-140 at Sears.

Thank you for any advice you are able to provide!

Thank you,

A: Hi Kristen,

Thanks for your note. 

The portable units are becoming quite popular. I would check with the manager of a senior citizen complex and ask how they do it and are they happy.

Joe Gagnon

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