Thursday, July 12, 2012

Consumer Question: No Dryer Heat

Hi, Joe,

My Maytag stacked Dryer (SE 1000 - 1985)  is not heating the air. The motor works, I can air dry stuff, and all the lights on the control panel work but there is NO heat. Where do I start to fix it?

Many thanks!

A: Hi, Sally,

Thanks for your note. 

Before you do anything with the dryer, please check to make sure you have 220 volts to the product. Check fuses or circuit breakers to make that is OK. Then look at the dryer which may have a burnt out heating element. The front comes off and the element is in a casing. Look for a broken wire and make sure you pull the plug before you start. If you need service you can contact my son at 734-953-6991.

Joe Gagnon

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