Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Consumer Question: Spin Cycle Doesn't Work

Hi, Joe,

I have a Sears Kemore 80 washer model 110.26882500 and the spin cycle will not work. The machine is not that old and when I tried it on the other spin cycle (non-permanent) it started to work. Now, it doesn't work on either cycle. I did see some water on the floor today. Doc, I NEED your HELP, PLEASE...before my wife stuffs me in the machine!

Thanks for your help,

A: Hi, Lou,

Thanks for your note. 

I would like to have you activate the lid switch a few times before you condemn the timer. Take a pencil and push on the lid switch several times. It is located in the hole on the top that the plunger on the lid goes into. Let me know.

Joe Gagnon

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