Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Consumer Question: Repair Whirlpool Gas Stove

Q: Hi, Joe,

I have a Whirlpool Gas Stove, about 14 yrs. old.  (Model SF325PE67 & Serial RH5212867). The oven & broiler went out and we couldn't figure out how to find out what part needed repair. I went to Repair Clinic in Canton and they suggested it may be the electric board which could cost up to $300.00. (If it is that much I might as well purchase a new stove.)    I'm hoping you can recommend someone who can come in and tell me what part is needed. 

Thank you so much,

A: Hi, Kathy,

Thanks for your note.

I would like you to call my son, Mark at 734-953-6991. Tell him you are communicating with me. He will take care of you.


Joe Gagnon

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