Monday, April 23, 2012

Consumer Question: Inadequate Dryer Heat

Q: Hi, Joe,

Our Kenmore 700 Series electric dryer has been having more loads done with inadequate heat than with enough heat. More often than not we have to run the load through an extra cycle, with the temperature turned to the hottest setting. Sometimes hot gets hot.

Is this a simple fix where we can get a part and do it ourselves, or an expensive project?

Thank you,
Bob & Mary

A: Hi, Bob & Mary,

Thanks for your note.

In many complaints like yours it ends up that the vent line is plugged. Please check this out before we blame the dryer itself. Try disconnecting the vent line and run a load through the dryer. If it's a gas dryer open a window in the laundry room for this one load. It won't hurt you if you bring in fresh air into the room. After this test, let me know how it works. 


Joe Gagnon

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