Monday, April 16, 2012

Consumer Question: Dryer Vent

Q: Hi, Joe,

I have lived in this condo type building (one level on a slab) almost 3 years.  It was new construction at that time. It has a front loading Whirlpool electric dryer.

I am concerned that the lint goes beyond the lint screen in the front of the dryer. I clean it off each time I use it but it seems that as much goes behind it as into it, even though the screen seems tight. My concern is that it may cause a fire.

The venting from the dryer looks like a metal foil vent. The vent going up to the roof is wrapped in insulation so we can't tell for sure if it is solid metal.

There is 6 inches behind the dryer to the wall. I read in your book about a product called the EZvent system and was wondering if it would work for me.
Is there a vent that can be used that is not a fire hazard in that situation.

Thank you,

A: Hi, Elizabeth,

Thanks for your note.

This causes great concern for you. I have no doubt that there is something wrong regarding the vent line and I think your dryer is a serious fire concern. I would suggest you find someone in your area who can inspect the situation and correct it. It the Detroit area we have a few companies that do just that - one is called Dryer Vent Wizard. Please let me know how this problem is resolved.


Joe Gagnon

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