Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Consumer Question: Replacing Wall Oven

Hi, Joe,

I have a 21" Frigidaire electric wall oven, made in the 1960's Model #RE-94-BK. The cut out is 21" x 30" approx. It measures on the outside 23" x 31.5" approx. I need to replace it.  My problem is they don't seem to make this size anymore.  The cut-out is in a BRICK WALL (opposite of a fireplace in the living room).

Is there any brand that you know of that makes these smaller size wall ovens? Someone mentioned looking into an oven made for a yacht.  I also wondered what others have done to replace these ovens. Are there convection ovens that are small that may work in this space?  Thanks for the help!  I sure am STUCK!


A: Hi, Kris,

Thanks for your note. 

Your problem is a common one across this country. Remodelers are kept busy doing what has to be done and sad to say, you may never find a product of the same size as yesteryear. I would contact a kitchen design company, give them the size requirements and ask what they can do. If anyone can help, they're the guys.

Joe Gagnon

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