Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Consumer Question: Inconsistent Oven

Hi, Joe,

We have a GE spectra electric stove/oven that's about 6 years old. The oven works inconsistently, sometimes not reaching the displayed temp, sometimes getting warmish but not cooking the food, other times it seems to cook ok. It seems to work better between 400-500 degrees, but not always. What do you think might be the problem, and what part would you think would need to be replaced?


A: Hi, Henry,

Thanks for your note. 

You may be having a problem with the electronic controls in this oven. I suggest you turn off all voltage to this unit for at least an hour. Sometimes it takes care of the problem and the control board re-sets itself. If not, I suggest you call for service rather than try and change parts yourself.

Joe Gagnon

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