Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Consumer Question: Dishwasher Repair

Hi, Joe,

My 11 year old GE dishwasher started to make a high pitch grinding noise during a cycle - the noise became very loud and then the dishwasher stopped. I have never had any problems in the past, this is the first incident. It seemed to be draining fine befroe it came to a halt. Would appreciate your suggestions before i call in repair and spend money that is unnecessary, then again, I don't want to run out an buy a new. 

Many thanks for being there for us!

A: Hi, Kathy,

Thanks for your note.

It sounds as though something went into the pump impeller located inside the tub. Remove everything you can starting with the spray arm and tower and look with a flashlight for a small article jamming the pump impeller. If any problems you can call my son Mark at 734-953-6991.

Joe Gagnon

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