Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thermostat for 1954 Stove

Name: Melanie

City: Grosse Pointe Park

Inquiry Type: Appliance repair question

Hi, Joe,
I have a 1954 Bakemaster stove. I absolutely love this stove, but I cannot bake things in the oven. For example, when I bake cookies and cakes, the items are still raw in the center and often don't brown when using the recommended baking time. When I leave items in longer to achieve brown-ness, often they become over baked. 
Also, it is impossible to melt cheese in this oven. Lasagna and pizza will continue to have cheese clumps. 
I would love to have this oven rebuilt, but I'd like to better understand what could be causing these issues. I have moved items to a higher shelf in the oven, but that only slightly improves the baking. The biggest issue is the large amount of time it takes to bake anything and the constant guessing as to when an item is done (although it's never truly baked/melted, I usually just give up and pull it out of the oven).
I'm wondering if you can offer any suggestions.

Hi Melanie, 
Thanks for your note.
I can imagine how beautiful that old stove is and can't blame you wanting to keep possession of it. You know that even temperatures are so important when baking and I believe the oven thermostat is failing in the range. I don't know if you can purchase a new thermostat for this unit. There are few technicians who would want to get involved with repairs for fear that they couldn't fix it or that it wouldn't stay fixed. 

Joe Gagnon

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