About Joe Gagnon

Joe has been a talk show host on radio and television for 20 years giving homeowners the cures for what ails their major home appliances. Always serious with a dry sense of humor, he's made friends of listeners of over 50 major radio stations across America. His unique radio program has garnered much attention from the television industry, which has featured Joe on "60 Minutes", "Prime Time", and "Good Morning America". He has authored two books: Appliance First Aid and Words and Wisdom of the Appliance Doctor, which were on the bestseller list for several weeks.

Joe is responsible for drafting and writing three different laws in Michigan; advertising false addresses in print, banning the use of plastic vent lines on clothes dryers and the Joe Gagnon Appliance Repair Act, named after him by government in recognition of his tireless involvement in consumer affairs, which helps prevent consumers from being ripped off by unethical repair companies.
You can listen to Joe on WAAM 1600AM every Saturday Morning from 8-11:00AM or streaming on the internet at http://www.waamannarbor.com/