Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gas Odors

Name: Al

City: Plymouth

Inquiry Type: Appliance repair question

While doing laundry, after several loads of washing and drying (gas dryer) , we noticed a strong gas smell in the laundry room. We called Consumers Power who sent out a tech to look for a potential leak. Using the electronic sniffer leak detector, the tech found no leaks in the line, but indicated the equipment showed a small amount of gas in the dryer itself. She turned off the gas supply to the dryer and tagged the dryer, indicating it should not be used until it is repaired. Is this unusual? What is the likely cause? Any recommendations of an appliance repair service in our (Plymouth, MI ) area?  

Hi Al, 
Thanks for your note.
It has been known to happen. The gas valve assembly is not shutting off completely. It is something that a tech should check out. My son Mark covers your area. His number is 734-953-6991. Please let me know what problem is discovered.
Joe Gagnon

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