Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leaky Dryer Vent

Name: Kelly

City: Davison

Inquery Type: Appliance repair question

Comments: I have noticed in the last few months that it is taking longer and longer for my dryer to dry laundry loads.  I have visually checked to see if the moisture is leaving the outside vent.  It is.  My laundry room is not overly moist so I don't think it is a blocked vent.  Any ideas on what to do next?  Is there something easy to change.....like a heat coil?  Is it much like changing an electric oven coil?  
Thanks for your help, Joe.

Hi Kelly, 

thanks for your note. I have heard your statement a few thousand times. "Air is coming out the vent trap" Yet a service technician comes out and cleans a plugged up vent line. The amount coming out is crucial. I would suggest you disconnect the vent line from the dryer and do one load. That will tell you if I am right or not. Take the vent line off and clean it immaculate. The dryer may be a serious fire hazard if the vent line is not clean and clear. 
Regards Joe Gagnon. 

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