Thursday, January 5, 2012

Consumer Question - Holes in Clothing

Q:  Dear Joe, 

We have had an ongoing issue with holes in our soft cotton clothing particularly the underwear and lightweight cotton t-shirts. They appear as small holes and can be larger at times. We have looked at both the washer and dryer trying to find what may be causing this and are a bit stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mike & Cathy
A:  Hi Mike & Cathy,

Thanks for your note. This is a tricky question to answer without offending the woman of the house so I’ll put it into a statement of fact.
Women with large breasts use brassieres with a wire support built into it. These wires will wear through the fabric and can then snag other clothes causing little or large holes. It took a lot of years as a service technician to find this out.

Joe Gagnon

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