Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Consumer Question - Gas Furnace

Hi, Joe,

I have a 1995 Comfortmaker gas furnace and I have a problem with it not running properly. I have a programmable thermostat that I just replaced to no avail. The problem seems to be that when the furnace needs to switch from night program to day program it will not. For example, I have night temp set at 64 and day temp to 68. Sometimes the furnace will kick on and run for a couple of minutes, then the blower continues to blow but no flame. If I turn the thermostat on and off it seems to then kick on and work fine. I have had a technician come out; he cleaned the sensor and confirmed that the furnace is in good shape. Unfortunately the problem continues.

Any suggestions you may have are much appreciated.
Thank you!
A: Hi Frank,
Thanks for your note.

You must have paid to have service rendered and they didn't fix the problem. I would call them back for service at no charge. Apparently they missed something.

If you get no satisfaction, I suggest you call Kelley Brothers at 734.462.6266. I know they can fix it.

Joe Gagnon

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