Thursday, September 13, 2012

Consumer Question: Whirlpool Oven Igniter

Hi, Joe,

My Whirlpool 465 Super-Capacity Oven has stopped working.  The igniter does not heat at all however, the broiler still works. I replaced the oven igniter with a new one but it still doesn't heat. I even moved the broiler igniter to the oven to make sure I didn't have a  faulty part.  All of the igniters work for the broiler but not for the oven connection.  So I assume the problem is in the wiring to the oven igniter but I have looked over all wires and the connections are intact.  I am out of ideas and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.  I have already spent $90 on an igniter I didn't need and hesitate to spend more on a service call.

Many thanks!

A: Hi, Tracy,

Thanks for your note. 

You seem to have the bases covered and know what you are doing. Do you have a wiring schematic with this range and is there a fuse in the circuitry of the stove?

If not, are the two igniters the same? A lady called my radio show 2 weeks ago with a similar problem. The service technician replaced the 2 components which make up the touch pad control. The cost of the parts were $700 and she was fortunate to be covered by the extended service plan offered by DTE. 

Make some calls to appliance parts suppliers and give them the model number to ask these questions. Please let me know what you find to be the problem.

Joe Gagnon

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