Thursday, September 6, 2012

Consumer Question: Replacing Hot Water Heater

Hi, Joe,

I would greatly appreciate hearing your opinion on the tankless water heaters.  We are needing to replace our traditional gas hot water tank, and the plumber is recommending the "new" tankless style.  We are not sure what to think about that style.

Thank you,

A: Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your note. 

Please keep in mind that I am not a plumbing expert but my comments come from others who are.

The system is old, especially in other countries where hot water is not used at the rate that we use it in America. It is very expensive and the cost recovery time is too long. Some homeowners have complained that they should have had two of them installed, as the single one couldn't keep up with the demand when heavy usage occurred. There is also a maintenance factor that you will have to perform.

One last factor to consider...I have asked many plumbers if they have one in their home. I have not found one yet.

Joe Gagnon

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