Thursday, May 31, 2012

Consumer Question: Smelly Ice Cubes in Freezer

Q: Hi, Joe,

What can I do for smelly ice. This is my second Kenmore and I have the same experience with both.

I also missed what you were saying about dryer hoses. Is it the aluminum hose you were speaking about? 

Thank you,

A: Hi Mae,

Thanks for your note. 

Smelly ice cubes have one cause that I know of. There is a fan motor inside the freezer which circulates air through both sections. The fan will blow air across the ice cube bucket and any food item that is not covered will cause this problem. Make sure all products are sealed.

The vent line we were talking about is plastic,vinyl or tin foil which is against the law. They should not be used. Use solid metal pipe available at your local hardware store. 

Joe Gagnon

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