Friday, May 4, 2012

Consumer Question: Repair vs. Replace

Q: Hi, Joe,

I have a 25 year old Kenmore washer that has been leaking what my husband says is transmission fluid. It's been so reliable (and I know they don't make them like that anymore!) that I'm in favor of repairing it. He is in favor of using it until it seizes up, and then getting a new one. I'd value your opinion.

Also, our 15 year old dishwasher doesn't clean very well any more. The only way dishes come out clean is if they go in clean! I'm going to try the Tang treatment to see if that helps. Any other ideas?

Thank you,

A: Hi Anita,

Thanks for your note. 

I must agree with your husband on the washer. Do not commit money to repairs because other things will go as soon as you disturb the structure of the machine.

Dishwasher complaints like yours are common today ever since they removed the phosphates from the detergent. Meijers and Krogers carry a product called Lemi Shine. Try it and let me know. 

Joe Gagnon

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