Monday, March 5, 2012

Consumer Question - GE Washing Machine

Q: Hello, Joe,

We have a GE washing machine that is about three years old and will not start. It has a push button control panel. From listening to your shows, I suspect the safety switch in the lid is the culprit, but I cannot seem to get at it. Is there a manual or web site that I can access?
Model # WHRE5550KIWW
Serial # HS 116356 G

Thank you so much for your help and for acting as a consumer watchdog.

A: Hi Mike,
Thanks for your note.

The top may pop up by sticking a flat metal piece under the top on each side.
There are sometimes clips that hold the top down. Once raised, you can get to the lid switch.

Any problems, call my son Mark with your model number and he can look it up for you and tell you how. His number 734-953-6991.


Joe Gagnon

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