Monday, February 27, 2012

Consumer Repair Follow Up

Q: Hi Joe Gagnon,

I thought I'd update you on my dishwasher repair. As you know, Mark was able to locate the necessary part which enabled him to rebuild the pump and then reinstall it. The repair entailed three trips to my house. Trip one to confirm the problem: The pump needed a part which he managed to locate. This was remarkable since that part is no longer made. His second trip was to remove the broken pump and rebuild it with the new part (which had to be done at his shop). His third and final trip was to install the rebuilt pump.

His efforts were successful! My dishwasher again runs quietly and efficiently. The horrendous racket is gone. My dishes are clean and I am very happy.

My thanks to both you and Mark, 

A:  Hi Evelina,

Thank you for the follow up. I'm proud of that boy.

Joe Gagnon

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