Friday, February 10, 2012

Consumer Question - GE Refrigerator

Q: Hello Joe Gagnon,

My daughter has a GE side by side refrigerator/freezer - model GSS25LGMB WW. It was in the house when she bought it 14 months ago. They have had intermittent problems where the water dispenser in the freezer door did not dispense water. A couple of months ago, the water valve in the back was replaced. A month ago the control board was replaced as the freezer was not cold enough. Friday, the water was not dispensing again and the technician that replaced the control board came out. He verified the value was good, by disconnecting the line at the bottom of the freezer door and by pressing the water lever, water was shot out into a container. He then stated that the line was plugged in the freezer door and it could only be replaced by replacing the entire freezer door since the line was embedded in the solid mold. Estimate was nearly $400. I asked if we could 'blow’ out the line and he said he could not do that, but I could try. I went home, got my portable air tanks and returned. I noticed some water on the floor, wiped it up and tried the water lever one more time before I stared to blow out and to my surprise, water was dispensed with a full stream as one would expect. Sorry for the long story, but what could be the issue.

A:  Hi Gene,

Thanks for the note.

I believe GE has a problem with many of these. My neighbor had the same thing and he found the water line froze up because of a void in the insulation going up the mullion. I had him get in touch with my son, Mark, at his business, and Mark told him how to rip it apart and reinsulate that section. Mark's phone number is 734-953-6991.
Please let me know what you find.


Joe Gagnon

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