Thursday, December 29, 2011

Consumer Question - Refrigerator

Q: Hi, Joe,

I have an Amana BX22QW bottom mount refrigerator that is 20 years old. It has recently developed some new symptoms as follows:
Cycles more frequently and upon restart sometimes the cooling fan starts but not the compressor. It sounds as though a thermal overload switch clicks accompanied by a blink of kitchen lights. Sometimes several cycles of clicks occur. Does this sound like a repairable problem? Is there a bad starting component going bad, or a bad electrical condenser, etc.? When it runs it sounds normal, no unusual noise, and it maintains freezer and refrigerator temperature very well. Your comments are appreciated.

Thank you,

A: Hi James,

Thanks for your note. From your information given me I am going to suggest you purchase a new relay and overload that connects on to the compressor. Not hard for a consumer to do. If you need a service technician to do it please contact me again and I will give you a number to the best refrigeration man around.

Joe Gagnon

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