Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Consumer Question - Kitchenaid Range

Q: Hello, Joe,

We’re working on a Kitchenaid range (kgrt507gwh0). We have moved and are converting from Natural Gas to Propane. This range has sealed burners. When attempting to access the orifice spud, the screw holding the ventri tube would not turn and the head broke off, leaving the threaded portion of the screw in place with no way to get hold of it. We haven't attempted to use the burner because we are concerned about holding the tube in place. Is there anything that we can do to fix this before having to replace the entire burner unit?
David and Jill

A: Hi David & Jill,

Thanks for the note.
This is tough without looking at it. Can you drill a tiny hole in what's left and try to reverse the drill motor to get it out?

Joe Gagnon

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