Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Condensation in Refrigerator

Name: Linda
City: Ann Arbor

Inquiry Type: Appliance repair question

Comments: I bought a whirlpool side by side refrigerator in Dec. 2011. During the summer I noticed a lot of condensation at the top of the veggie bins. It was still under warranty and they contracted Master Tech. to come out and look at it. The technician that came out said to adjust the dials on the veggie bin and that should help. He did not really investigate the issue.  During this winter the water droplets froze up and it was difficult to open the bins.  Master Tech. came out and said air was getting in and closed up what needed to be closed up. They said if that did not work they would have to call whirlpool. It helped but did not solve the problem entirely. I do not have air conditioning so was concerned about the summer months and called them again.They called whirlpool tech support to get help and came out again and spent a good deal of time installing the parts.

Again, it is better but not completely solved. Is this an issue to be concerned about or just let it go? I have already spent close to $300 additional to this fairly new refrigerator.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your note. The only suggestion I have is to warm up the freezer a bit. Turn the control to warmer in the freezer. Let me know if that helps.

Joe Gagnon

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