Thursday, June 7, 2012

Consumer Question: Noisy Spin Cycle on Washer

Q: Hi, Joe,

I have a MAH 5500 Maytag Neptune Washer with stainless steel tub and the bearings need to be replaced. (It has a noisy spin.) I'm told it can't be done, and that I have to buy a whole new tub with bearings in place. Is it a throw away?

Thank you,

A: Hi Gino,

Thanks for your note. 

I have heard of quotes as high as $600 to do this job and the washers are not very old. As far as doing it yourself, I would suggest you call my son Mark at his business and ask him if you should attempt it. His number is 734-953-6991 and he gives some tricks of the trade.

Isn't this a shame? This washer which was once known as the best in the industry. Please let me know what happens. 

Joe Gagnon

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